Self portrait of woman with brown skin and glasses wrapped in a warm scarf.

About Tara

I was once asked: What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning – your past, present or future? It’s a question that helped me become more intentional and committed with my present moments.

As a photographer and marketeer, I am reminded that your present moment is for your intentional future – the future you want to have.  Whatever you seek in business and in life, the path begins with each step.   

And I hope our paths cross in our intentional futures.

P.S. You’ll find me “op Het Zuid” in Antwerp and most days, I’m chasing my toddler around, with or without my camera.

About The Studio

The studio makes use of natural light and artificial light (to mimic natural light).  It’s also two studios in one: one part of the studio is a traditional studio with a background and the other part is the lifestyle studio where environmental elements (such as an office setting or in a home) are used.