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46. Where to get started with personal branding

8 June 2021

The definition of personal branding isn't clear, is it? And when you want to get started doing it, it seems like the path to get there is a bit unknown. Let's clear up the personal branding def...

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45. What’s important in a headshot

1 June 2021

It's a necessary image we all need when we are looking for a job to starting a new venture. It's what makes us real in the big world online. Getting a good one involves a few tips and tricks I list...

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44. Your best self in photos

25 May 2021

I used to not like getting photographed. It seems to be a common affliction among photographers. But now, I enjoy it even to the point where I can get a photo with my best self. I started doin...

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43. When to use stock photos

Stock photos can be great and at the same time not so great. And as a photographer, I'm not against them or for them, what I am for is knowing when to use them. There are a lot of positives to us...

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42. Is your business selfish?

11 May 2021

Such a strange question? Well, if you're behind your venture then probably the appropriate one is are you running it selfishly? And more importantly, why does it even matter? Well, I started t...

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