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42. Is your business selfish?

11 May 2021

Such a strange question? Well, if you're behind your venture then probably the appropriate one is are you running it selfishly? And more importantly, why does it even matter? Well, I started t...

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39. How to write your sales pitch

20 April 2021

Wait, what, selling? This word freaked me out. And then "they" changed it to your "elevator pitch". Which in the end didn't make having a pitch any easier. I recently dove into the task of writin...

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35. Create authentic social media posts

23 March 2021

Now that's an overused word, authentic. It feels a bit heavy and yet, it's important in all aspects of our lives - from solely being, to creating and contributing something in this world. Because i...

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31. What do I post about?

23 February 2021

You create content, right? But consider yourself not creative? You don't have to be to have a list of topics to discuss or share (post) with potential clients when you want to talk about your ventu...

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26. Are you committed?

19 January 2021

Every new year, we make a goal, maybe not formally, yet we look to a brand new year as hope of our future. Will this be the year we get what we want? No matter what you (really) want, better heal...

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