Woman sitting on sidewalk in Paris with Eiffel Tower in background during sunrise.

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30. The non-techie tips to amazing sunrise (or sunset) photos on the beach

16 February 2021
Sunrise on a beach in Italy, the sky is orange and the sun is behind a cloud, the middle of the frame has the water with a pile of large rocks and the water hits the rocks to create a wave that leads to the sandy beach at the bottom.

Get your camera phone ready for the list of tips I have that don't involve a long instruction guide. All you need is this article and the video below! What you need to remember before you start: ...

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29. One simple tip to take amazing sunset (or sunrise) photos

9 February 2021
A path leading to one tree in Italy with the sky during sunset where it's blue and orange with clouds interspersed.

It's not about the latest camera on your smartphone. Really, it isn't! Photographers a long time ago took amazing photos on worse technology than we have today. This tip, right here, is one reason...

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25. What should your profile picture be?

12 January 2021

It may seem obvious and yet it isn't. I follow a lot of local, small businesses in my city and one thing seems not right with some of their marketing on social media. Their profile picture is somet...

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20. Making and photographing chocolate simply

8 December 2020
A table setting with red glitter placemats, champagne flutes, a lit candle with two glass dishes that each have two chocolate pralines on them.

Let's chocolate! That's exactly what you say when you can get a do-it-yourself at home kit to make your own chocolate. It was so much fun to visit this local business in Antwerp and make my own cho...

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18. Simple social media images for the holidays

24 November 2020

I've got a handy less than 2 minute video on creating your own images for social media (or other marketing needs) during the holidays using only your smartphone. In the video, I head out to a local ...

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