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14. How to get authentic autumn social media content

23 October 2020
Butternut squash in a cloth bag resting on a table with text about the autumn take away lunch special.

I waited until the last minute to get some seasonal images for my social media channels however, there is a great way to do this quickly and make it your own, also known as, authentic, thus, not cura...

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11. Why personal branding is pivotal?

6 October 2020

Personal branding has become two things. One, it's become relevant to entrepreneurs and second, a misused word especially for entrepreneurs. This makes it difficult to decide if personal branding i...

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8. What visual content really does

15 September 2020

Visual content performs functions in business that are sometimes easy to forget or miss, especially if you're not a graphic designer. Infographics, images, colour, charts, fonts, etc. are all vari...

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7. Personal branding for start ups and entrepreneurs

8 September 2020

Is it really necessary? I used to think No and that branding was something that came later, like, way later. It's actually the 2nd step when you are starting out. The 1st step is knowing w...

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6. What is personal branding

1 September 2020

It's sounds like a new thing, something hip. When, actually, branding is something we conceptualised for a process that has existed throughout the human experience. It is recognising another as t...

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