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27. The key images you need for your new venture

26 January 2021

This question is never asked of me as a photographer. It's something I often have to pull out of my clients. And although I have suggestions, you ultimately have the answers and you will make the d...

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23. De 5 dingen die je niet wist over je ideale klant

29 December 2020

We denken hen goed te kennen, onze ideale klant. Maar is dat ook zo? We zouden hen zeker graag helpen maar hoe trekken we onze ideale klant aan zodat we dit met veel plezier kunnen doen? Aanv...

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22. The unknown question your customers need answered on social media

22 December 2020

There's this question that your potential customers need answered when they first hear about your business or hobby (and that's when they know your name enough to look you up). It's not the first co...

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19. Creëer je ideale klantprofiel op een eenvoudige manier

1 December 2020

Geweldig! Het creëren van je ideale klantprofiel of avatar is precies wat je nodig hebt om het grootste risico van je onderneming te elimineren. Het is zo belangrijk dat ik deze stap helemaal heb ove...

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17. Distant gratification

17 November 2020

We all know of instant and delayed gratification and when you put the 2 words together you get Distant Gratification. And that is precisely what is needed for your venture or business when it comes ...

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