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45. What’s important in a headshot

1 June 2021

It's a necessary image we all need when we are looking for a job to starting a new venture. It's what makes us real in the big world online. Getting a good one involves a few tips and tricks I list...

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44. Your best self in photos

25 May 2021

I used to not like getting photographed. It seems to be a common affliction among photographers. But now, I enjoy it even to the point where I can get a photo with my best self. I started doin...

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1. Five ways to get comfortable in front of the camera

16 November 2018

Me too!  It's not easy to be on the other side, maybe that's a small reason I prefer to be behind the camera.  When all eyes and lenses are on you, how is it possible to get an authentic sho...

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