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43. When to use stock photos

Stock photos can be great and at the same time not so great. And as a photographer, I'm not against them or for them, what I am for is knowing when to use them. There are a lot of positives to us...

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40. How to visually sell a service

27 April 2021

Services are not like products, where you can easily take a photo of it and put it on the web. More confusing is sometimes it's not always clear in which category your "product" falls. For exampl...

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38. When to use low and high resolution images

13 April 2021

High resolution seems the way to go, doesn't? If you aren't in the imaging world, high resolution of anything seems like the answer, the product you need. Yet, it isn't 100% necessary and you may b...

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37. What is visual content?

6 April 2021

Does it seem obvious? I thought it was supposed to be and yet, even as a visual artist I struggled with understanding its raison être when it comes to marketing and branding today. Exactly what's...

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32. What is consistent and seamless marketing?

2 March 2021
Photo from above on a yellow table. A coffee cup filled with black coffee is in the middle and there is text overlaid on the black coffee that says: Consistent vs Seamless?

What's the difference between consistent versus seamless when it comes to your venture? Time. Yes, the valuable commodity that we want more of but secretly may or may not know that we all have ...

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