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22. The unknown question your customers need answered on social media

22 December 2020

There's this question that your potential customers need answered when they first hear about your business or hobby (and that's when they know your name enough to look you up). It's not the first co...

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21. Self-confidence when starting something new

15 December 2020

Self-confidence is a word in English and in most languages that gets misused. It seems like it's talked about so much that it's now become this intangible necessity in getting something accomplished...

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20. Making and photographing chocolate simply

8 December 2020
A table setting with red glitter placemats, champagne flutes, a lit candle with two glass dishes that each have two chocolate pralines on them.

Let's chocolate! That's exactly what you say when you can get a do-it-yourself at home kit to make your own chocolate. It was so much fun to visit this local business in Antwerp and make my own cho...

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19. Creëer je ideale klantprofiel op een eenvoudige manier

1 December 2020

Geweldig! Het creëren van je ideale klantprofiel of avatar is precies wat je nodig hebt om het grootste risico van je onderneming te elimineren. Het is zo belangrijk dat ik deze stap helemaal heb ove...

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18. Simple social media images for the holidays

24 November 2020

I've got a handy less than 2 minute video on creating your own images for social media (or other marketing needs) during the holidays using only your smartphone. In the video, I head out to a local ...

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