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9. How to take a simple profile picture outdoors using your camera phone

22 September 2020

You're outside and think this would be a cool background for a photo. It's the perfect opportunity to update your social media profile picture. In the video below, I show you what to consider to ...

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8. What visual content really does

15 September 2020

Visual content performs functions in business that are sometimes easy to forget or miss, especially if you're not a graphic designer. Infographics, images, colour, charts, fonts, etc. are all vari...

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7. Personal branding for start ups and entrepreneurs

8 September 2020

Is it really necessary? I used to think No and that branding was something that came later, like, way later. It's actually the 2nd step when you are starting out. The 1st step is knowing w...

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6. What is personal branding

1 September 2020

It's sounds like a new thing, something hip. When, actually, branding is something we conceptualised for a process that has existed throughout the human experience. It is recognising another as t...

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5. The one thing that is driving your ideal customers away

26 August 2020

No matter how great your value is or how well written your ideal customer profile is, there still could be one aspect that repels them or ultimately causes you to loose them as a customer.   ...

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