Woman sitting on sidewalk in Paris with Eiffel Tower in background during sunrise.

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15. Food photography (meat) with your camera phone

3 November 2020
Ribs on a counter with man sprinkling spices on the meat before bbqing.

Another local feature where I highlight a business in my home city in Antwerp, Belgium. I'm featuring the Butcher's Store Antwerp City South where I'll show you around, pick up some meat cuts, and t...

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14. How to get authentic autumn social media content

23 October 2020
Butternut squash in a cloth bag resting on a table with text about the autumn take away lunch special.

I waited until the last minute to get some seasonal images for my social media channels however, there is a great way to do this quickly and make it your own, also known as, authentic, thus, not cura...

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13. How to get a great photo inside of a church

20 October 2020
Inside a church in southern Italy showing the rows of the pews and high cement arches.

It's easier than you think! With camera phones improving and the simple fact that old buildings such as temples, mosques and churches were built before electricity, there's no stopping the cool phot...

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12. How to get a great photo of a church using your camera phone

13 October 2020
Church in Italy as the sun sets illuminating the brick with a blue sky.

Whether you're walking about in your in your home city or on holiday, you probably come across grand buildings that can seem like a challenge to get a decent or even a great photo that you'd want to ...

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10. Where to get a sophisticated profile picture in Antwerp

29 September 2020

I've started a series that features a local place or establishment! And for my first one, I'm in my home city of Antwerp, Belgium visiting the local business: Luddites Books & Wine. So if you ...

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