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36. How to effectively manage your blog

30 March 2021

Is there a way to effectively run your blog? Don't you just write and write. Well, that's one way to keep your blog running and it does work. There's another way that you can make your blog work f...

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35. Create authentic social media posts

23 March 2021

Now that's an overused word, authentic. It feels a bit heavy and yet, it's important in all aspects of our lives - from solely being, to creating and contributing something in this world. Because i...

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34. How to rethink social media when things change yesterday

16 March 2021

Algorithms aren't fun! Why? You know why. The changing pace of social media from algorithms to new platforms is a good enough reason to quit. I know that I wanted to many times. I had to rethi...

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33. How to select the right platforms for your business

9 March 2021

There's so much to consider that it can get overwhelming. Yet, the good news is there's no right or wrong decision. Even when it comes to choosing your platforms for your new venture or project. ...

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32. What is consistent and seamless marketing?

2 March 2021
Photo from above on a yellow table. A coffee cup filled with black coffee is in the middle and there is text overlaid on the black coffee that says: Consistent vs Seamless?

What's the difference between consistent versus seamless when it comes to your venture? Time. Yes, the valuable commodity that we want more of but secretly may or may not know that we all have ...

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