Woman sitting on sidewalk in Paris with Eiffel Tower in background during sunrise.

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29. One simple tip to take amazing sunset (or sunrise) photos

9 February 2021
A path leading to one tree in Italy with the sky during sunset where it's blue and orange with clouds interspersed.

It's not about the latest camera on your smartphone. Really, it isn't! Photographers a long time ago took amazing photos on worse technology than we have today. This tip, right here, is one reason...

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28. How to choose the colours for your venture

2 February 2021

You're going to hate my advice if you love colour and if you love Pinterest. Why? Because with your new venture (hobby turning it into a side hustle or part time job to full time job), your colours...

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27. The key images you need for your new venture

26 January 2021

This question is never asked of me as a photographer. It's something I often have to pull out of my clients. And although I have suggestions, you ultimately have the answers and you will make the d...

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26. Are you committed?

19 January 2021

Every new year, we make a goal, maybe not formally, yet we look to a brand new year as hope of our future. Will this be the year we get what we want? No matter what you (really) want, better heal...

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25. What should your profile picture be?

12 January 2021

It may seem obvious and yet it isn't. I follow a lot of local, small businesses in my city and one thing seems not right with some of their marketing on social media. Their profile picture is somet...

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