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4. How to make your ideal customer profile (avatar) inclusive

20 August 2020

There's been a lot of talk about identifying one person (your ideal customer) to speak to when you market your product or service. And the next question usually is if you have an image of one person...

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3. How to determine your ideal customer profile

17 August 2020

Fantastic! Creating your ideal customer profile or avatar is how you eliminate the biggest risk in your start up business or new project. It was so important that I skipped it (I don't recommend th...

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2. The 5 myths about your ideal customer

17 August 2020

We think we know them. After all, shouldn't we? We would like to serve them yet, how do we attract the clients that would be fun to serve. Well, I couldn't see it until I saw it. I had a lot ...

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1. Five ways to get comfortable in front of the camera

16 November 2018

Me too!  It's not easy to be on the other side, maybe that's a small reason I prefer to be behind the camera.  When all eyes and lenses are on you, how is it possible to get an authentic sho...

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