10. Where to get a sophisticated profile picture in Antwerp

I’ve started a series that features a local place or establishment! And for my first one, I’m in my home city of Antwerp, Belgium visiting the local business: Luddites Books & Wine.

So if you live here or are visiting Antwerp, this place is a great place to stop in from the busyness of the center and enrich your mind as well as your taste buds. Whether it’s a book in English, loose leaf tea and cake or a glass of wine you seek, either way you won’t be disappointed and you’ll walk away with a cool photo of yourself.

With only the camera from my hand held device, I show you the cafe and where I got my simple and sophisticated profile picture. The interior is beautiful and the tables are grouped nicely with a lot of space in between and bonus, there’s a terrace! I would describe it as vintage meets modern and done in a totally relaxed way. Can you understand why I came back?

Before you start the video, here’s what to keep in mind:

  • The photo is best taken when it’s not dark outside (i.e. dark overcast day or after sunset).
  • Check the opening days and times of the cafe.
  • Browse their well thought out collection of books (in Dutch and English).
  • You’ll only need your smartphone for the picture and then after, you can put your device away, soak up the atmosphere, read a magazine in the cafe where you can enjoy tea with the cake of the day (i.e. Rhubarb crumble, yum!) or a glass of wine.

Enjoy the local feature in Antwerp! ~Tara Rai