11. Why personal branding is pivotal?

Personal branding has become two things. One, it’s become relevant to entrepreneurs and second, a misused word especially for entrepreneurs. This makes it difficult to decide if personal branding is right for you.

I discuss what personal branding is for entrepreneurs or professional hobbyists in a prior article. Here, I’ll discuss why it is relevant and more importantly, why it’s the pivotal step you take in your entrepreneurial journey.

As a one person business (zzp’er) and also a new one, personal branding is relevant, more so now, because everyone is trying to get heard because everyone is online. The markets have become further segmented and niches flourish yet, we still need to reach them in the same big sea.

The best way and maybe the only way to get heard by your market is through having the forethought to “brand yourself” when you are starting out. Why?

Simply, you need to connect the dots immediately so that your message is accessible and understandable to your chosen market. That is why personal branding is relevant. It connects you to your market and finds them in the big sea called: everyone online.

It’s pivotal because not only does it help you find your market but it also simplifies every decision you make, mental and monetary ones. From budgeting to business planning to writing copy – the personal branding process (it’s a process) clarifies these decisions so that you invest your money that has a return to your bottom line.

It’s pivotal because it steers you in a concrete way like no other step in a start-up (only second to identifying your ideal customer). It’s the crucial second step, the one that gives you direction so that you won’t need to look back, only forward.

Let’s get this finished! ~Tara