12. How to get a great photo of a church using your camera phone

Whether you’re walking about in your in your home city or on holiday, you probably come across grand buildings that can seem like a challenge to get a decent or even a great photo that you would want to actually look back at later.

Look no further! Your camera phone is all you need. And the native app and editing program will do the job perfectly. If you follow the two guidelines in the video below then just about any filter will work. So grab your favourite filters or the not so favourite ones and see how many of them you can apply to your photo.

The guidelines apply to both iPhone and Android users.

  • The church (or other building) shouldn’t be in shadow or darker than the the bright sky behind it. This is particularly a concern on sunny days and when you are close to sunrise and sunset hours (as other buildings nearby will cast a shadow).
  • Before taking out your camera phone, take one minute to look around for another spot you could stand to take the photo. Often in cramped city centers with old buildings you will have a constraint but you can still move around to get a unique perspective that makes your photo great!