14. How to get authentic autumn social media content

I waited until the last minute to get some seasonal images for my social media channels however, there is a great way to do this quickly and make it your own, also known as, authentic, thus, not curated (also known as, it looks like everything else I see on social media).

If you are stuck for time, you can download the images I took in this video for free and make it your own!

To make it authentic and simple:

  1. Head to your local market or supermarket. Because it’s your local spot it is will be authentic to you and look different than others automatically. And at the same time support a local business.
  2. Most supermarkets keep their pumpkins or squashes outside because it takes up space inside the store so the natural light will be great no matter where you are.
  3. Watch the video and use the tricks I show you to get multiple photos in one location!
  4. Apply your preferred filter, add your words, crop it, frame it, etc. This will make it your own in line with your brand. You can even do this with the images that are free for download.