16. What content is 100% original

The short answer is YOU! I could end this article here however, if the answer was really that straight forward then everyone would know how to execute it.

When we create content for any new venture we begin, we often loose sight of the fact that who we are on this new journey is about us. We can get wrapped on the 100 things we need to get done that sometimes what could make the journey simpler and more fun is to put a bit of us into the process.

Here are a list of ways to make any content you use in your new venture 100% original:

  • How would you explain your product or service to a friend, where would you come from when you aren’t selling to someone? This then can help you with your copywriting.
  • What are you complemented on the most, what do you think is your most interesting or unique talent? Example: Do you listen well? Simplify complicated processes? Design well? This can help you determine your uniqueness or separate you out in the market and help focus your message to your ideal prospects.
  • What do you struggle with the most, where do you need the most growth? This can help determine where you need more info and/or work with a specialist on this.
  • How comfortable are you with yourself, in your own skin? If yes, then putting yourself out there as in posting images of yourself on social media doesn’t feel daunting. Visually, your portrait is 100% original. However, if you’re not comfortable, then ask yourself why and accept the answer. Then, practice putting yourself out there even with the doubts. The practice, believe it or not, will help you become more comfortable and express your originality.

~ Tara Rai