2. The 5 myths about your ideal customer

We think we know them. After all, shouldn’t we? We would like to serve them yet, how do we attract the clients that would be fun to serve.

Well, I couldn’t see it until I saw it. I had a lot of false beliefs about that awesome person – my ideal client (get the free guide on determining your ideal customer profile.) (Gratis stappenplan in het Nederlands ook!)

That brings me to the big myths I needed to tackle and get over to get moving:

  1. Narrowing it down to one ideal person will neglect other potential customers. It is 10 times easier to communicate or market to one person than a group. By doing this, your messaging becomes clear. The clearer the message the easier it is for customers to find you.
  2. Having an ideal customer means you say no to any customer that is not your ideal. False! It won’t help your business and more importantly, it won’t help you gauge how effective your message is in the market either. If you aren’t attracting anyone like your ideal then you know that you are not communicating the appropriate message.
  3. You need to pick the “right” niche. There is no such thing as the “right” one. I got stuck here. Staying in a back and forth pattern on this will keep you from moving forward, getting the information about your market is absolutely required in order for you to grow. Choose one and go!
  4. Your ideal customer is you. They could be similar but not always. There are probably some characteristics and values that you share; make sure you understand what’s similar and particularly what’s not.
  5. This can be skipped until later. Absolutely not. I would rather have you stop now and figure it out.

If you are still stuck on identifying your ideal customer profile or want to double check your current one, then here’s a free step by step guide to sort it all out. (Gratis stappenplan in het Nederlands!)

Let’s get it finished! Tara Rai