20. Making and photographing chocolate simply

Let’s chocolate! That’s exactly what you say when you can get a do-it-yourself at home kit to make your own chocolate. It was so much fun to visit this local business in Antwerp and make my own chocolate (and of course, photograph my creations)!

I met the owner of ChocAlicious, a local business that offers chocolate making workshops (for up to 25 people) in her fabulous looking atelier. I visited the place when picking up my own DIY kit to make with my family and the owner, Carolien Krijnen, showed me around the atelier. (You can follow all chocolate making adventures via Instagram @chocaliciousworkshop.

I took a quick video (below) of the atelier and hurried back to my kitchen to start making chocolate. Upon writing this, I must admit that all the chocolate has already been eaten up. Fortunately, I took some photos before they were all gone. I show you what to consider when photographing this wonderful Belgian product with only using the stuff at home and your camera phone.

Grab your chocolates and well, Let’s Chocolate! Enjoy!

~Tara Rai