22. The unknown question your customers need answered on social media

There’s this question that your potential customers need answered when they first hear about your business or hobby (and that’s when they know your name enough to look you up). It’s not the first contact point but more the third time they hear about you that a potential customer will check you out. And by that I mean peek at your social media account (from their favourite platform).

Why? Because a potential customer, after hearing about you and becoming curious, will want a question or two answered immediately (instant gratification in this sense is vital). And then, you only have 2 seconds (at the maximum) to answer those questions.

That’s not a lot of time! And what’s worse your potential customers don’t even know the question. Therefore, asking them is not going to help. We’re not even conscious of the question ourselves when we’re in the role as a potential customer.

The unknown questions are as follows:

  1. Are you real? There is so much trolling and hesitancy when it comes to “fake” accounts and misuse of social media because of the very low barrier to entry like other media (i.e. television, radio, podcasting) that a lot of your “real” customers could decide not to follow you if you don’t look real. Your profile picture should ideally be a picture of you and you need to have posts of your content visible on your feed (when it comes to a business, public is better than private).
  2. Are you committed? Do you have content that has been posted regularly. Having a few images isn’t going to cut through the noise when it looks like you don’t make the effort to post your value regularly and in a committed way to your potential customers.
  3. Do others think you offer value? People will look to see if others follow you (look at the number of followers) to also decide that you’re real but they will also decide that other people “like” you and that you’re real in creating value for others. Low numbers? Then, commit to posting more value on your feed regularly!
  4. Are you in the moment? This is related to being committed (number #2) but more so in the manner of: are you updating your feed regularly? It doesn’t need to be everyday but it does need to show recency (bare minimum is a post once a week).
  5. Are you transparent? Can they clearly see or read about who you are and what you offer in a few lines? And that it’s clear you’re a business. Nothing turns off potential customers if they see that’s it’s not a business but it really is. It needs to be clear that your account is either personal or business / hobby.

That’s a lot to answer in less that 2 seconds but it can be done! It’s simpler and harder than it looks. When you communicate value regularly to your target audience and be transparent about it, you’ll be able to attract more potential customers than you realise (without spending money on marketing).