24. New Beginnings

Do you love or hate beginnings? This year, it may seem like loving a beginning, in fact, is a bit too easy.

It’s a bit contradictory to the idiom in English “The first step is always the hardest.” Is it really? I don’t think so. We want and crave new beginnings because we believe that this newness will bring upon a new result in any aspect of our lives mostly: business, health or love. We hit those first few weeks at the gym hard, don’t we?

What makes the beginnings hard is not the start, it’s the point it looses its luster, its excitingness. Or when we don’t see a result in the expected time frame. Our motivation has dwindled that was ever present at the start.

So maybe what we need for a new beginning is a deeper understanding and love for the newness. If we don’t like starting something new, maybe we can see it as a point in the journey where taking action brings about visible changes – not results – immediately. We can then see the beginning as exactly, as I mentioned above, as fun.

But then, when it gets hard and harder to see our results, we can then gain a better understanding of the whole journey. There will be falls and fails. We are going to dip down and we will, in some cases, need to get back up again.

And then be prepared for it. We can enjoy the good feelings of the beginnings and then we can embrace the part of the journey where it feels like it’s going wrong and say to ourselves, this is exactly how it’s supposed to go. And you’re on the right track, keep going.