25. What should your profile picture be?

It may seem obvious and yet it isn’t. I follow a lot of local, small businesses in my city and one thing seems not right with some of their marketing on social media. Their profile picture is something I can’t read.

Because it’s small and there’s text in it. Because it’s their logo. If you’re starting out and you don’t have a brand (how do you know if you have a brand as a small business?). Then, putting your logo or tagline in the profile picture may not be the best option yet.

This is especially true if you’re doing this on your own and don’t have a team. Any one person venture, be it looking for a new job, solopreneur (zzp), hobby, side hustle (bijberoep) or even your profile on a dating site/app, needs to have you in it. Period.

Why? Because nobody knows you yet. Outside of your family and friends. The best way someone gets to know you online is if they can see immediately that you really exist in a world of 7,8 billion people.

And the image of you needs to be how you actually show up in your life. How would you show up with a client or job interview or a date? What are the clothes you would wear and then wear that in your profile picture. Don’t have a picture of you at the beach sipping a margarita that your friend took.

It may seem obvious that your profile picture needs to represent you but you will be amazed at how many I see that don’t.

Check out this video on getting a profile picture.

How to take a profile picture outside using your camera phone