26. Are you committed?

Every new year, we make a goal, maybe not formally, yet we look to a brand new year as hope of our future. Will this be the year we get what we want?

No matter what you (really) want, better health, wealth or relationships, you can get it. The only question you need to ask yourself is not do you want it bad enough but are you committed?

What’s the difference? You can desire something so badly but if you don’t work to achieve it, desiring it won’t bring about the results you want. How can you tell if you’re running on desire or fueling commitment?

I recently listed to a podcast that handled this concept down beautifully. I followed the host’s advice to find out whether I had a planning problem or a commitment problem. It turns out I had both. Here’s my quick recap of my journey.

I had an agenda (diary) and used it every so often, not often enough. After listening to this podcast, I filled my agenda with all the items I needed to get done in one week. I budgeted in time for each item, etc. I had things like school pick up and drop off, exercise, content creation for my business, etc written down for each hour (yes, even lunch was written down).

Great, I solved the planning part. I was proud of myself for doing the planning for one week in advance.

Then, came the commitment problem. On the date and time it said to exercise, I didn’t do it. On the date and time, it said I needed to post to social media, I didn’t do it. I missed quite a bit of items that were originally on my To Do list from the beginning of the week.

I mostly had a commitment problem. A commitment problem to myself. I was committed easily to doing things for others, like school pick up and drop off, cooking dinner for my family but when it came time to do the things for myself, it didn’t happen. Exercise went out the window.

Being committed means doing the things on your agenda even when you don’t feel like. You want the results and in that moment, you decide to do to what it says in your agenda. That’s committed. Are you?