27. The key images you need for your new venture

This question is never asked of me as a photographer. It’s something I often have to pull out of my clients. And although I have suggestions, you ultimately have the answers and you will make the decision.

Now, don’t worry, I have a quick way for you to decide which images are key when you are first starting out your new venture. And the more clear you are the more money and time you will save. Why?

There are two things that happen when we start a new venture, we usually need to mind our expenses a lot more before we start to turn a profit. So, along with all the other things we need like a website, copywriting, images, etc., this can be overwhelming – money wise and mind wise.

The second aspect is we often don’t have a clear idea of our exact needs because we are living in uncertainty. And here’s where this guide will help you become more certain about your needs – at least on the image content side of things.

  1. At least 3 seamless profile poses in different formats. Seamless meaning they fit your brand and different poses and formats for all the little spaces in the web and print that you will need to put it. Website, each social media channel, banners, business card, email marketing, collaborations with others (they will ask you for your photo). At the bare minimum, three seamless images will cover your basics.
  2. Flat lays (sometimes referred to as product photography) that are seamless looking with your profile picture. Such images communicate events in your business. A new video, a new product, a promotion, your business hours, etc. They help create recognition when done well and are a significant part of your marketing collateral. Here’s one that I use for my YouTube channel.

3. Social media images for your content (quotes, questions, etc.). Creating content, in whatever form that is, for your market is how you engage and ultimately get customers to purchase your product or service. This is especially true online. And if you’re not a traditional online business, online content can drive offline sales immensely. Defining your content and then establishing a base set of images will make your social media planning streamlined and less time consuming.

These are the 3 types of images that will get you through the first 3 years of your business. And that’s where I can help! Let’s get finished! ~Tara Rai