28. How to choose the colours for your venture

You’re going to hate my advice if you love colour and if you love Pinterest. Why? Because with your new venture (hobby turning it into a side hustle or part time job to full time job), your colours are not significant, your colours are a decision.

By following the steps below, you will successfully have chosen your colours for your new venture and crossed it off your to-do list and looked at your watch and seen how much time you’ve saved. (30 minutes or less, I promise)

The steps to choosing relevant colours for your brand in less than 30 minutes:

  1. Choose colours you can live with and genuinely like. Don’t look at colour trends from colour experts. Instead, pick what you like and use colour trends and/or seasonal colours to enhance your marketing on social media or print. Your brand colours are utilised on your website, landing page, social media profile / banner, e-mail marketing, etc.
  2. Choose your favourite colour. Pick one. For inspiration look in your closet (what’s your favourite outfit) or look at your vision board (i.e. Pinterest) or art/images you like to see. There will be 1 colour that you’re consistently drawn to.
    • A client of mine loved the red from her favourite dress.
    • If you already have an image that represents the colour(s) you love, jump to step number 5.
  3. With your one favourite colour, pick a neutral. If you picked a neutral (black, white, beige, navy, grey) in step number 2, then you will now pick a true colour (tones of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). You are not limited to ROYGBIV. Your true colour can be pink (shade of red) or lavender (shade of violet).
    • The client with the red dress chose black as her other colour (neutral).
  4. Keep the brand palette simple. When you start out, I recommend that you work with 3-4 colours only (at least 1 neutral). It doesn’t mean that other colours can’t be included it means that these colours consistently represent your brand in your marketing communication.
  5. Determine the other colours for the rest of the palette in 3 ways. The first one is the fastest and all are available from the free version of Canva.
  • Option #1: Take an image you love or a photo of the outfit you love and upload it (Canva has demo photos as well). You immediately have a palette! (This is my preferred option, especially if you already have an image or idea.). Here is the jumper in my closet that I love and these make up my brand colours (I fine tuned them a little bit!)

  • Option #2: Use their colour wheel and get a palette (if you know something about colour theory already this might be a fun option).
  • Option #3: Type in your colour (not the neutral one) into their palette generator. Be as specific as you can, like lavender or navy blue. They have so many suggested palettes come up that you can spend some time here. Beware!

Now, that that took you less than 30 minutes, are you ready to cross off the next item on your to-do list? Check out the key branding images you need for starting (I mean, finishing) that new venture. Let’s go! ~Tara