29. One simple tip to take amazing sunset (or sunrise) photos

It’s not about the latest camera on your smartphone. Really, it isn’t! Photographers a long time ago took amazing photos on worse technology than we have today. This tip, right here, is one reason why we go to museums to look at these old images.

When it comes to sunrise or sunset, we want to capture it and all the colours that go along. And this is the most common shot. But what makes it amazing is how the sun illuminates its subjects.

And that is: you need a subject in a sunset photo. It can me anything, the only thing that it needs to be is clear to the person viewing it. And this could be you even. I promise, the memories will be even more vivid when you have a subject (that’s why we remember the images in a museum).

All you need is your smartphone, a sunrise or sunset, and a subject (living or not). And of course, this video (subtitled and short) that shows you exactly how. Click the “Play” button below or head to my YouTube channel to see all my tips and tricks using your camera phone!