32. What is consistent and seamless marketing?

What’s the difference between consistent versus seamless when it comes to your venture?

Time. Yes, the valuable commodity that we want more of but secretly may or may not know that we all have the same amount of it.

The two words are used abundantly in online marketing that it’s easy to get them confused or not even give them much thought. Here’s what the two have to do with time.

Consistency refers to time. Meaning, when you market your business (or hobby to the outside world) you need to market it in regular intervals. The great news is you get to choose your consistency.

For example, you have a full-time commitment (job, parenting, etc.) and have a side business that you’re trying to grow. You may need to market (i.e. post content on your website or social media) once a week. The not so good news is that you need to do this every week – consistently, whatever time interval you choose.

Seamless is not about time. Make sense? Your online marketing needs to look timeless when you go to market in those regular intervals. Why?

Because your potential customers don’t see your consistency until they connect the dots of the all the marketing contact points they experience like social media posts, ads, website, lead magnet/freebie, business card, brochure / flyer, etc.

They don’t see that you create content once a week until they know it’s you. They need to first connect to your post and then connect a few more times and then connect you (your business) to the content you produce consistently.

These are a lot of connections you’re asking your potential customers to make and so seamless marketing makes that connection easier and faster and above all, possible. From your visuals (images, graphics) to how you write (captions, headlines, stories), they all need to look and feel the same way or seamless.

Even if you’re not creating it all, your potential customer needs to experience it in the same way. This allows them to connect to you as the person who has the product / service / knowledge they need to solve their current problem.

How do you get to consistent marketing? Check out the article on “Are you committed?”

~Tara Rai