33. How to select the right platforms for your business

There’s so much to consider that it can get overwhelming. Yet, the good news is there’s no right or wrong decision. Even when it comes to choosing your platforms for your new venture or project.

A graphic of the logo of six social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube) and the question below says Which Platform?  Under the question it says: The social media (in)decision.

Besides the amount of platforms now available to us (for free!), there’s also the indecision that comes along with that. I’ve been there and I learned some hard learnings – like free doesn’t mean worth it.

Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself to make the decision process over and done for good!

  1. How committed are you? If the answer is that you are willing to invest money when necessary, then you are committed.
  2. Do you own your content? The current form of owning content online is through your own website. Know you can start for free with many services but eventually you will need to invest in features as you grow. Your own place on the web is crucial (it’s why it’s 2nd) because it invites potential customers to connect with you on a regular basis (through e-mail).
  3. Where do your potential customers hang out online or offline? That’s where you need to be to market to them.
  4. Choose 1-2 free online hang out places you can commit to. Meaning, choose 1 or 2 social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Focus there first before adding other media outlets. Here is where you market (create content) and interact with potential customers (much like the “old” days of actually going to the local market).
  5. Once the process of consistently showing up in these 3 places (website and social media outlets) and it becomes streamlined, add in paid ads or add in another outlet (free or paid) that fits with number 4.

This will clear up and focus your strategies to grow your new venture. It takes the overwhelm and exhaustive time out of online marketing. And to help figure who and where your potential customers will be check out this article on determining who they are!