34. How to rethink social media when things change yesterday

Algorithms aren’t fun! Why? You know why. The changing pace of social media from algorithms to new platforms is a good enough reason to quit. I know that I wanted to many times.

I had to rethink social media differently. Sure, there are a lot of experts out there telling you how to manage it. I’ve listened to them and have been applying many of their strategies.

And I’m not the expert on it like they are. What I am is someone who is growing their venture, like you, and can maybe simplify your social media strategy in a way that can get you through the times when it seems like it’s not going anywhere.

First off, social media is not different than any other media (newspaper, television, etc.). That’s hard to see when we can become consumed by it instantly. The only “unique” thing about it is that anyone with internet can put their content out to the world. No one is curating it or approving it before distribution.

That’s great when you’re starting out but that means you’re competing for everyone’s attention along with everyone else.

Most importantly, because social media isn’t really different from other media meaning, there’s great content with advertisements, a strategy to approaching it is to look at the “consumer” experience.

Let’s say your average scroll time on social media is like skimming the articles of one newspaper. When you skim the newspaper you decide to pick an article that interests you. You then choose that article and read it (consume the material).

Next to this are some adverstisements, maybe a square in the corner or a full page before you finsih the article. The ads you see break the content but do so minimally otherwise it gets annoying to try and find the rest of the article to finish.

The “scroll” on social media is no different. Each platform puts up their own advertisements (increasing it) and your followers will also see “ads” (your content) promoting your business as such.

Ads become the “scroll” instead of content. So, what does that mean for your social media strategy?

Easy and not so easy, develop a solid percentage between sharing your great content and actually advertising your business. Even when you share your content and then subtly talk about your business, don’t underestimate the consumers eyes (and brains) in recognising that as an “ad” for your business.

Even when you’re asking questions; know that consumers are used to this and know that it’s a strategy for engagement. It doesn’t mean you never advertise or ask questions.

It only means that the percentages need to be focused on your content rather than your ads and the ads of the platform.

Once you’ve got that split determined, you can choose the right platforms for your business by checking out the article on which platforms are right for you.