35. Create authentic social media posts

Now that’s an overused word, authentic. It feels a bit heavy and yet, it’s important in all aspects of our lives – from solely being, to creating and contributing something in this world. Because it’s important doesn’t mean it has to be hard. In fact, authentic content on social media is easier than you may have originally thought.

You, no doubt, are unique but being authentic involves, simply, not lying about your uniqueness. We sometimes do this in our familial or social groups so we don’t stand out. And at times, it’s ok.

What will make your social media authentic is trying not to “fit in”. And that becomes difficult when we see others with over a million followers.

The common strategy is to do what others with a huge following do and then apply it for your venture. This strategy is still trying to “fit in”.

Getting to authentic posting is revealing a bit of who you are (or your venture) one post at a time. Not all at once or in one month but going slowly and consistently to reveal parts of the whole story.

Your venture (business or hobby) is only one part of your story. However, there are other elements of your life that are unique that don’t relate to your venture directly.

Think about what interests you outside the purpose of your social media: parenting, healthy eating, struggles with being single, finding new friends, reading about XYZ topic, running, etc.

You get the point. You’ll notice that 2 or 3 of these topics are also interesting and inviting to your ideal customer.

If you’ve heard this strategy before, hold on, there’s one more thing to it to make it authentic. Don’t lie or try to make it a portal to selling.

The way you know it’s authentic is when you aren’t searching for an angle or a way to talk about your venture. The words flow a bit more (they don’t have to be Shakespeare) but they’re easy to write.

It’s easier and faster to go with the truth about you and what you like, the authenticity will naturally come through to your ideal customers without having to put in the extra, unnecessary work.

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