36. How to effectively manage your blog

Is there a way to effectively run your blog? Don’t you just write and write. Well, that’s one way to keep your blog running and it does work. There’s another way that you can make your blog work for you and help with search engine optimisation (SEO).

Whether you’re new to blogging or have been doing this a while, approaching your blog with new light can breathe some fresh clicks into your venture.

I’ve got 3 ways to make your blog work for you 24/7!

3 approaches to managing your blog

  1. Use categories and tags like a book. The categories would be the chapter title or table of contents of your book and the tags would be the index. The chapter titles are topics you consistently talk about. You can check out my categories on my blog home page. The index is primarly there to look up an article at a later stage. This is helpful for you when repurposing your content or doing updates on your content or referencing a past blog article in your current post.
  2. Make the categories and tags visible. I recommend making at least the categories visible because if you get a repeat visit they can then click on a topic that interests them and easily find all your material on it. Plus, categories quickly tell your customers what you are about.
  3. Don’t over do it. It may be tempting to create a lot of categories and tags. Keep in mind that it’s more confusing for your potential customers and search engines if you have too much going on. In fact, some search engines will note this as “stuffing” and rank it lower in search results.

This small change in your blog structure has huge impact and if you aren’t sure what you need to blog about then check out this article on determining what your content needs to be!