Does it seem obvious? I thought it was supposed to be and yet, even as a visual artist I struggled with understanding its raison être when it comes to marketing and branding today.

Exactly what’s the role of visual content in growing your venture?

First, content is something someone creates in terms of an idea. It can be one sentence or a book. It becomes original when you add your own perspective to it. All the articles you read here are original in that I add my own thoughts however, they’re inspired by books and my education on marketing.

The second part, visual, is the part where that idea is represented through a medium that doesn’t include words. This could be an illustration, graph or photo.

In marketing, we mix the content through words with a medium or maybe sometimes more than one. This is, as you may have guessed, how social media can communicate so much with so little.

We used to have newspaper for content with very little visuals but as technology advanced and time became more pressed (filled up) we started to reduce the amount of time we needed to communicate.

Hence, visuals became the way in which we communicate before we even begin to read further. Even a graphic that is black with white writing is still a visual representation of an idea because it has been dwindled down to one sentence or quote.

What that means when it comes to your visual content is that it now communicates so much in so little (time and space). Thus, there’s a bit more pressure in communicating your message effectively.

Communicating your message with an effective strategy of words and visuals (over and over again) is how your venture reaches your target audience.

It’s effectively how you grow in markets that are unknown, saturated and ever changing. No matter what you’re putting out there as an idea or produce/service understanding how a message is received is crucial to getting it heard.

Choose your words and better yet, choose your visuals wisely. If you’re starting out a new project, there are the essential visuals you need – find more information on the key images you need for your new venture.