4. How to make your ideal customer profile (avatar) inclusive

There’s been a lot of talk about identifying one person (your ideal customer) to speak to when you market your product or service. And the next question usually is if you have an image of one person in your head how do you serve people who don’t look or sound like your ideal profile?

The answer lies in how far or how deep you have gone to understand your ideal customer. At a deep level all humans are connected regardless of our outwardly differences. We connect with each other, not necessarily through our surface level likeness, but also through how we think and what we believe.

Understanding the mindset and values of your ideal customer will automatically attract people who outwardly appear different from your profile or who do not fall within your target demographics but are still customers you want to serve!

For example, if you offer handmade soaps that are gentle for children with skin rashes and you also ensure an eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing process, then communicating (marketing) from those set of values will speak to someone who values the environment and/or ethical trade. Including demographics outside your ideal.

You may be quick to say that your values or mindset are the same as your ideal customer. That could be true and often your values are similar but not exactly the same (read further about the common myths we have about our ideal customer). Knowing the differences, however slight, is the difference between an effective marketing campaign and one that works 50% of the time and fails the other 50%.

Ready to understand more and dig deeper, here’s how in a free guide to determining your ideal customer profile that is inclusive! (Gratis stappenplan in het Nederlands!)

Let’s get it finished! ~Tara Rai