Services are not like products, where you can easily take a photo of it and put it on the web. More confusing is sometimes it’s not always clear in which category your “product” falls.

For example, hotels sell a room (physical product) but also a service. They provide a “home” away from home and then offer other services to make it feel like home or in some cases better than home. And then how do we sell something we can’t see like an experience?

The one thing that profitable hotels do is that they sell the service as a product. It isn’t a room you’re renting for one night, it’s an experience. And visually, hotels will capture that experience of staying with them by showing a person enjoying their experience.

Selling a service as a tangible product makes visually representing that service a lot easier. Hotels may seem easy to relate to but even in the health and fitness industry, effective strategies are constantly seen. Often, in weight loss programs someone’s changed body will be shown to highlight the service of a weight loss coach.

What if your service doesn’t seem to have something tangible? Like your client has a new mindset or is happier? What then? Then, the next step would be to identify the tangible result for your client. When your clients have this new mindset they were able to achieve this result and then that result is your “product” (more money, a new relationship, etc.)

Usually, one service will impact only one area of someone’s life. It could be more money saved or earned, it could be better skin through diet, etc. The result is the more tangible, the more effective way of speaking to your target audience. When we only have a few seconds or one minute of someone’s attention online, a visual that represents the result can cut through the noise and attract potential customers.

A result is something they can can sink their teeth into because that’s what we strive for – a result we desire. When it becomes visual to us, we’re inherently drawn to it making it an effective way to represent a service or information that we’re selling.