41. What are you really selling

Have you thought about that? I know that I didn’t when I started working for myself. I was tempted to say photos and you may be tempted to say yourself or your product or service package. But that’s not what someone buys.

We intuitively know this but can get stuck when it comes to translating into our very project or venture. And further, how do you answer the question, what are you really selling, without getting wrapped up in all the product’s features and benefits.

Believe it or not, there is only one thing you are selling. And that’s change or maybe a better word is transformation.

Really? And this is for any product or service. Let’s test this out in two situations.

Scenario 1: What if you are trying to sell you for your next job interview?

You have a set of skills that you are selling. Wrong. You are going to transform the company if they were to hire you. Now, that’s not exactly the words you would use during the interview but what you can do is answer some questions with examples of how you changed or obtained a certain result in your last job.

You’re answering their questions in a way that shows that you’re capable of bringing change to an organisation instead of highlighting your great Excel skills.

Scenario 2: What if you sell an agenda planner for entrepreneurs. What’s the change or transformation you would expect from them using this type of planner.

Here’s where the benefits come into play. If a consumer were to fully utilise the business planning roadmap (a feature) in the agenda, what benefit would they get? Would they be able to efficiently keep track of their plans throughout the year, thereby adhering to the plan?

But what changes for the entrepreneur? If they were to adhere to their business plan, then they woudl achieve their business goals. And that’s the result all entrepreneurs want. To achieve their results and therefore change their financial situation or other aspect of their lives. That’s the transformation!

Making what you’re really selling (your customer’s transformation) part of your story will help them visualise how to go about achieving their goals. And that clarity will make “selling” a lot easier. If you want more info on crafting a sales pitch check the article on How to Write Your Sales Pitch.