44. Your best self in photos

I used to not like getting photographed. It seems to be a common affliction among photographers. But now, I enjoy it even to the point where I can get a photo with my best self.

I started doing self-portraits and test shots of myself in my studio and I got a feel for what it’s like to be photographed in a shoot. It taught me lot about what it’s like to be on the other side and what my clients may feel as they’re photographed.

Here are my learnings on getting your best self in a photo shoot or even in a selfie!

  1. Understand what you think about how you look. I used to not like a lot of things about how I looked and so then any photograph with me in was harshly scrutinised. Ask yourself: What don’t you like and and what do you like about yourself? I had a client tell me she loved her legs, so then guess what, I did full length body shots and she wore a dress that showed off her legs! Tell the photographer what you like about yourself. If you find yourself not liking anything about yourself, you will need to go into deeper reflection so you can see yourself in some positive light.
  2. Wear clothes that feel good to you. This is so personal but I can bet you have outfits in your closet that you love but don’t wear often enough. Do you like how some fabrics feel? Do you like certain colours on you? Wearing what feels good to you will affect how you see yourself and then how you present yourself.
  3. Self-care is underrated. We hear how important it is but we often forget this element. I know I do! What I’ve learned is when I continuously practice it (taking care of my body, resting, etc.) I feel so amazing. It then affects how I look in photos. It’s weird but I can see a difference in photos of where I didn’t practice self-care consistently to when I did.

Your best self is 100% obtainable in photos in any situation. Photos actually will reflect more of who we are than we think. If you put our best self foreword in our lives, the photograph will reflect it back to us.