45. What’s important in a headshot

It’s a necessary image we all need when we are looking for a job to starting a new venture. It’s what makes us real in the big world online. Getting a good one involves a few tips and tricks I list below.

But first, let’s clarify the meaning of a headshot. It’s an image that includes only the head and shoulders in a frame. What’s interesting, since we live online a lot, is there has been liberties taken with the “traditional” headshot. Headshots, today, sometimes include more of the body, involve different poses that make a person look approachable.

No matter what industry you’re in from being an actor to a lawyer you can utilise the following tips and tricks to make a headshot look great.

  1. Know who your client is. Even when looking for a job know who is making the decision. And that will help dictate what you’ll wear and if it needs to be a more traditional headshot or if you can take liberties with it (i.e. entrepreneur).
  2. Know the requirements. Even if this is for your LinkedIn online profile, know the sizing requirements of the image (i.e. square or vertical). Know if a certain part of your body needs to be included (i.e. models, actors) or not.
  3. Evaluate the look you want. Check out images online via Google images or Pinterest. What types of images are you drawn to. Do you like images that are light or more dark?
  4. Plan your look in advance. Once you know the requirements and the look you want, think about your look accordingly (full body, etc.). This also includes getting your haircut, nails done (if desired). Know the outfit(s) you want to wear and make sure they still fit and are in good shape (accessories too).

As a photographer, these 4 steps have made headshots more than just “standard” headshots. It communicates who you are in one image. I talk clients through the above process with a quick turnaround time because I know that headshots are needed ASAP (as soon as possible). If you are looking for quality, quick headshots, please contact me here.

Tara Rai