46. Where to get started with personal branding

The definition of personal branding isn’t clear, is it? And when you want to get started doing it, it seems like the path to get there is a bit unknown.

Let’s clear up the personal branding definition and the roadmap. My definition is adjusted from the definition of branding from Donald Miller’s book, Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen:

you develop a simple, relevant message for your target market so that you are consciously recognised and you repeat your message consistently (to develop trust)

And from here, you have a roadmap to get started. It may not seem obvious but the first step is to know who your target market is. To find out who your target market is check out the article on identifying who they are!

Only then, can you craft the message of your brand. Your personal brand could be you (looking for a job), a new project or a new business you’re starting. The message needs to speak to your target market – it’s a simple and clear way to say here’s how I can contribute to you.

Thinking of your message in terms of your target audience and how you can contribute to them is only the first step in developing a personal brand. The next step is communicating that message to your target market consistently.

Why? It develops trust with them. Online marketing is for everyone which can be great but it increases the barrier to trust. People first need to trust you and the only way they can is to see that you’re consistently showing up in whichever channels you choose to target your market.

The roadmap from knowing your target market all the way to communicating with them is how a personal brand develops. If you’re wanting to get started knowing your target market, I’ve a concise and free guide to help you identity them.

Let’s get this finished! Tara Rai